Set up and initial problems

Setting up my blog was quite simple. I initially encountered some problems due to the inevitable ‘red tape’ of the

Rex Features

 journalism industry. Getting quotes from the right people is proving difficult as I do not have the right contacts or at least not anyone high up in the festival industry. To combat this I have carried out more thorough research and located press releases that allow me to gather more information from various sources and put them all together, sometimes only for a 200 word news story.

I believe an issue of professional practice and a factor that has become very common and useful over recent years is the use of links. Jeff Jarvis (2007) wrote about linking on his blog Buzz Machine, he said “Cover what you do best. Link to the rest.” I have tried to adopt this notion in my own blog and also used it as a refencing technique.

So far I have only used Rex Features for my images but due to personal interest and contacts I do have access to other images which I am planning to use at a later stage in the website and some within the magazine issues. This will help eliminate any copyright concerns.

I hope to incorporate video and perhaps slide shows into my website as these are trends within journalism I would like to embrace. I think the use of multimedia will enhance  my website and allow me to showcase other skills. The website itself will also benefit as it will appear more interesting and have more of a realistic edge.

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